The department has on-site, advanced molecular biology, cell and tissue culture laboratories, electron microscopy and image analysis workstations (as well as advanced immunology research laboratories). Residents have access to electron microscopy laboratories and to special immunocytochemical laboratories located in Howard Hall and the Medical School Teaching Facility (MSTF).

The majority of residency training occurs at the main University of Maryland Medical Center and the attached Baltimore VA Hospital. Off-site rotations include the Baltimore Medical Examiner (which is 2 blocks away), a dedicated dermatopathology rotation at a local private practice, and other electives which can be arranged on an individual basis.

The laboratories of the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center evaluate 20,000 surgical and 17,000 cytology specimens annually, and perform 250 autopsies and 2,500,0000 clinical laboratory tests per year.  Additional training cases come from Midtown Medical Center and multiple other affiliate / satellite hospitals in the region.

In addition, 3,300 forensic cases are seen in the Medical Examiner's Office adjacent to the University Hospital complex. The Health Sciences Library has more than 200,000 bound volumes and receives more than 3,500 journals.

Residents also have access to close-by parking structures, a state of the art campus gym / recreation center (across the street from the hospital, and has an indoor pool!), and multiple dining options both inside the hospital and walkable in our neighborhood.


Baltimore is a fantastic place to work and live. The city is famous for its location on the Chesapeake and is quickly becoming a culinary destination. Although the mid-Atlantic is one of the most desired places to live in the country, Baltimore itself is underrated, making it cost effective! Truly the perfect combination of big city cultural amenities at a friendly price. Our program takes full advantage of this, and our trainees regularly attend department-sponsored events at local restaurants and cultural attractions.

Learn more about Baltimore’s various neighborhoods and where we like to eat and play at Living in Baltimore for your GME.


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