What is required for the PGY-1 year?

Prior to beginning PGY-2 training in neurology, a PGY-1 year with at least eight months of internal medicine is required at an ACGME-accredited institution in the United States.

This training can be completed at the University of Maryland Preliminary Internal Medicine program, at multiple other training programs in the Baltimore area, or any program that would fulfill this requirement.

Do you have an integrated PGY-1 year? Do I have to do separate applications?

The University of Maryland Internal Medicine Program provides excellent training through their Preliminary year program; more information about the curriculum can be found on the internal medicine residency page. If you would like to complete your Neurology and Preliminary Medicine training at University of Maryland Medical Center, please submit 2 separate ERAS applications:

  • One to the University of Maryland Neurology Program
    • ACGME and ERAS Code 1802331046; NRMP Code 1252180A0
  • One to the Med-Prelim/Neurology Program
    • ACGME and ERAS Code 1402321160 (note that this code is shared by the multiple different University of Maryland Internal Medicine tracks)
    • NRMP Code 1252140P1 (unique to the Med-Prelim/Neurology program)

The Med-Prelim/Neurology Program is reserved for those matching to Neurology at the University of Maryland. If you are invited to interview with Neurology, you will meet with the Director of the Internal Medicine Preliminary Program for an informational session on your Neurology interview day. You do not need a formal interview with the Department of Medicine.

Residents participating in this coordinated experience will have the opportunity to rotate through the neurology sub specialty clinics and the NeuroCritical Care unit during their PGY-1 year.

Are there any IMGs in your program?

Yes, some of our residents have been IMGs. For more information about our current residents please visit our residency website and our alumni page.

Are there any specific requirements for IMGs?

At the time of submitting your application, you should have a Valid ECFMG certificate, including successful completion of the CSA.

What visas are required for IMGs?

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) adheres to the standards and guidelines for the employment of non-citizens as established by federal immigration laws and the U.S. Department of Labor. UMMC will hire only U.S. citizens and non-citizens that are authorized for employment. Non-immigrant alien residents or fellows must have a J-1 visa and ECFMG certificate in order to apply. H-1B visas are not considered appropriate visas for residents or fellows. More information for IMGs can be found on the UMMC Graduate Medical Education office website.

Is clinical experience in the United States required?

Prior clinical experience in the United States is viewed favorably. In select cases candidates may be accepted into the program without previous U.S. clinical training.

What USMLE scores do you require?

Although specific minimum USMLE scores are not required for the residency program, it is highly desirable to have USMLE scores over 210 for all applicants.

Is USMLE required for Osteopathic medical students?

A competitive score on the USMLE demonstrates a commitment to pursuing an allopathic residency program, and is looked upon favorably. In select cases, applicants will be invited to interview based on COMLEX scores only.