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Howard M. Richard, MD

Welcome reader and thank you for your interest in the Interventional Radiology Residencies at the University of Maryland.

If you have a passion for helping your fellow beings while achieving your full potential as a diagnostician and an interventionalist in a supremely collegial environment, then this is the place for you.

Our program is lead by nationally and internationally recognized leaders in trauma, thoracic, cardiac, and musculoskeletal imaging and so on. We have a unique relationship with the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology, having eight of our University of Maryland faculty serving as course lecturers, including two who serve as AIRP section chiefs. We provide a wide variety of pathology and outstanding opportunities for scholarly activities. There are numerous research opportunities available, including novel projects and ongoing prospective single- and multi-center trials. Our world class interventional team provides unrivaled, comprehensive, hands-on experience of vascular and interventional radiology from the routine to complex to novel techniques.

Other institutions may make similar claims but what sets us apart is our human factor. Our faculty and residents enjoy coming to work, and are happy and fulfilled with what they do. Lifelong relationships have been built among our numerous residents and many also continue to have ongoing personal and professional connections with our faculty.

We practice in a cheerful and caring environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth making a difference in the lives of everyone we encounter.

Howard M. Richard, MD
Integrated and Independent Interventional Radiology Program Director