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  • To develop an understanding of criminal and civil law, legal systems and logic. To be able to use a law library, and be able to read court decisions, ferreting out the essential aspects of those decisions. 

  • To develop an appreciation for the overlay of legal issues into psychiatric cases, whether civil or criminal.

  • To gain understanding of specific topics unique to forensic psychiatry such as malpractice, psychic damages, insanity defense, competency, informed consent, and civil commitment.

  • To develop expertise in forensic evaluation and interviewing, and participation in legal proceedings.

  • To have experience in the field of correctional psychiatry and sentencing issues.

  • To understand the legislative process and its relevance to the practice of psychiatry.

  • To develop forensic report writing skills.

  • To pursue a scholarly or research project related to forensic topics.

  • To develop expertise in lecturing, teaching and consulting.