The UMGCCC hematology/medical oncology fellowship program is designed to provide you with comprehensive training in hematology and oncology via broad exposure to a diverse patient population and prepare each trainee to successfully enter the practice type of their choosing (i.e. academics, private practice, regulatory) upon graduation.

Our patient-centered approach and focus on evidence-based medicine dovetail with the University of Maryland Medical Center's mission to provide quality patient care and wrap around services to support the health of individuals throughout our catchment area.

During your fellowship training, we will ensure you receive the necessary education and clinical training to achieve your professional aspirations. Our goal is to:

  • Train you to be competent and confident independent practitioners of hematology and medical oncology.
  • Develop analytically through scholarly activities while fostering a sense of academic curiosity and enthusiasm for research endeavors pertinent to hematology and medical oncology.
  • Impart the values of collegiality, civility, and cooperation as you proceed through your clinical education.

About Our Program

Our Facilities

University of Maryland Medical Center

Located at 22 S. Greene St, UMMC houses our offices, inpatient units, and outpatient facilities. The Stoler Pavilion is located on the first floor, just to the right of the main entrance, and contains exam rooms, family consultation rooms, and conference rooms, making it ideal for the multi-disciplinary care that is central to our approach to cancer treatment.

The Cancer Center has expanded its own laboratory space, to accommodate cutting-edge research occurring at UMGCCC and to facilitate increased collaboration with the larger University of Maryland Baltimore research community.

Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center

Connected to UMMC by a bridge, the Baltimore VAMC offers both primary and subspecialized care for the medical needs of our veterans.