In addition to the hands-on, at-the-bedside education our fellows receive, we also offer a number of rotating, structured lectures and conferences to enhance fellow education:

  • GI Grand Rounds: Weekly. Didactic seminar with faculty or outside speaker on focused subjects. Many speakers are visiting professors with national and international expertise in their fields
  • Core Curriculum Conference: Weekly. Presentation by faculty and fellows on topics related to core topics in gastroenterology and hepatology, supplemented by the Guideline Review and Board Review discussed below.
  • Guideline and Emerging Literature Review: 1-2 times/month. Faculty-led review of pertinent guidelines and/or emerging literature on the topic being discussed during Core Curriculum that month
  • Board Review: 1-2 times/month. Fellow-led review of board questions related to the Core Curriculum topic that month
  • Case-Based Conference: 1 time/month. A fun, morning-report style case-based conference of rare GI and liver diseases
  • Ask the Expert Endoscopy Conference: 1 time/month. A Q&A session with advanced or specialized endoscopy about the finer points of various procedures
  • GI Journal Club: 1 time/month. Detailed discussion of current literature, with discussion of techniques of analysis of literature, study design. Fellow is paired with a faculty to choose a recent journal article of interest
  • Research Conference: 1 time/month. Presentation and discussion of ongoing basic and clinical research being done by fellows, faculty, or PhD candidates
  • Motility Conference: 1 time/month. Featuring faculty from UM and Mercy Medical Center, as well as visiting faculty
  • GI and Liver Pathology: Weekly. Faculty, fellows, and pathology staff review normal histopathology and pathological specimens
  • GI Radiology: Weekly. Radiologists conduct a weekly conference to review imaging studies of selected GI patients and discuss diagnosis and treatment

There is also an informal monthly session with the division head and fellowship program director to discuss interesting cases and fellowship training issues.

In addition to the above, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds and numerous research conferences and special seminars are held regularly throughout the medical center and medical school.