Endocrinology Fellowship Friendsgiving, 2019

"The University of Maryland Endocrinology Fellowship is like a family. There is always an open door policy with your attendings. If I had a question, I was never hesitant or intimidated. Whatever fellowship program you choose, you want to know you worked hard and received the training to prepare you for your path after fellowship.

"I learned how to "peel the onion" with every case presented. We saw a variety of cases and I continue to be amazed on how well prepared I was as I started as an endocrinologist in private practice. Beyond the clinical training, the camaraderie between everyone in the fellowship program is rare.

"My co-fellows and I developed close friendships during our 2 years together at Maryland and still contact each other daily on difficult cases. Our class of fellows still keeps in regular contact with our attendings on questions related cases and updates on life in general. You continue to feel the support even after you graduate."

Silpa Poola-Kella (2017)

"Great fellowship program, wonderful people to work with. Felt very confident starting to practice solo after graduation as I knew everyone had my back at UMMC."

Bayan Mesmar (2017)

"I had a wonderful experience at University of Maryland for endocrine fellowship. I had significant exposure to both hospital consults and endocrine clinic. I felt comfortable right away in a busy New York private practice and felt very prepared after graduation to see patients on my own. The attendings were wonderful, supportive, kind, and always willing to answer questions (even after graduation). I highly recommend this program."

Rachel Steinman (2016)

Endocrinology Fellowship out to lunch

"I was fortunate enough to have a strong training and be prepared to take care of most endocrine disorders. The training I received at the University of Maryland is still one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.

"I learned to be efficient, confident and I left prepared. The teaching attendings were involved in our education and well-being as fellows, mentoring and sharing one-on-one from their professional and personal experience. I learned that mentorship is important and being able to reach out to your mentors" years after graduating is extremely valuable.

"My experiences in Baltimore and the people I met made me who I am today. I'm very proud to have been a part of the University of Maryland Endocrinology Fellowship program

Simona Stefan (2018)

"I met regularly with my research mentors throughout fellowship. I was able to start a research project by writing an IRB application, consent participants for our clinical trial, collect data, and write a few manuscripts. There were many opportunities to teach during fellowship - during medical school small groups, internal medicine morning report, rotating medical students and residents, and weekly endocrine department presentations."

David Levitt (2017)

"From the moment I interviewed for the fellowship program at the University of Maryland program, I know that it would be a great fit for me. The faculty are supportive and always try to bring the best out of the fellows, yet approachable and able to maintain a laid-back atmosphere overall. The program is well balanced between patient care responsibility and academic/research opportunity, preparing me for any type of career path you choose, either in clinical practice or academic medicine. The support from the program and faculty opens-up many doors and opportunities that I couldn't imagine before. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have trained in this program."

Medha Satyarengga (2019)

"Training at the University of Maryland was rigorous and provided a wealth of knowledge through the wide array of cases, from extensive pituitary pathology and post-surgical manifestations in the Neuro ICU, to the complex regimens of tube feeding and TPN seen throughout Shock Trauma. There were several memorable hands-on workshops, such as when we were given CGM and Insulin Pumps to use over a week, that were invaluable in shaping my understanding of existing and emerging diabetic technology. The faculty and staff are dynamic and engaging, with varied areas of expertise, ensuring you will find a mentor no matter your area of interest in the field of Endocrinology."

Kayur Bhavsar (2018)