Our critical care didactic curriculum is designed to augment our comprehensive clinical curriculum and expose fellows to the core concepts of critical care and to the cutting-edge advances in critical care research.

Multi-Institutional Critical Care Curriculum

In conjunction with the critical care programs at the NIH, Georgetown, Walter Reed, George Washington Medical Center, and the Uniformed Services University, a critical care core curriculum is provided each week. This curriculum features master educators from around the world which are hand-picked and vetted by the Critical Care faculty at the participating institutions. This provides trainees the opportunity to learn how their own institution as well as outside institutions manage core concepts in critical care. These lectures are recorded and available for asynchronous learning at the MarylandCCProject.

Multi-Disciplinary Critical Care Curriculum

The Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program hosts a multi-disciplinary critical care curriculum which includes the faculty and fellows from other critical care training programs at the University of Maryland and R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma, including surgical, neuro, and anesthesia critical care. The curriculum features Journal Clubs, a Morbidity and Mortality Conference, and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum.

In addition, the specialized curriculum within the medical, surgical, anesthesia, and neuro critical care training programs are shared between each critical care sub-specialty such that the Critical Care Medicine Fellows are able to attend the Trauma Critical Care conferences, Surgical Morbidity and Mortality conference, and the Neuro Critical Care core curriculum.

Pulmonary Critical Care Curriculum

Because the Critical Care Medicine Fellowship is within the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, fellows have the opportunity to attend the Pulmonary curriculum as well. This features highly valuable talks on cardiopulmonary physiology, reading and interpreting chest radiographs, and Morbidity and Mortality.

  • Pulmonary Grand Rounds, a pulmonary and critical care evidence-based conference during which clinical and basic science topics are presented
  • Ambulatory Pulmonary Curriculum, a pre-clinic 30-minute case-based discussion of the outpatient evaluation and management of a pulmonary disease topic complementary to that week's Grand Rounds
  • Multi-Disciplinary Radiology Case Conference, in which fellows present clinical cases, a discussion of the relevant radiologic and pathologic findings, and a literature review of the illness
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Trauma Conference with Dr. Scalea Multi-Institutional Critical Care Core Curriculum Radiology Conference Department of Surgery M&M Neuro Critical Care Curriculum
Pulmonary Core Curriculum/Grand Rounds     Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Multi-Disciplinary Critical Care Curriculum (JC, GR, DEI)