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The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is located on the 1st floor of the hospital in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU).

Free parking is available for patients and visitors. Accessible parking is located near the main entrance and the “flag pole” entrance of the hospital.

Before Your Visit

The length of your stay depends on the time needed to properly monitor your seizure activity. Although this varies among patients, a frequent length of stay is usually 3-5 days.

Because of this long stay, we ask that you review important information prior to your visit to ensure you have the smoothest experience.

Learn more about preparing for your EMU admission.

Video EEG Monitoring

Person undergoing EEG monitoring

Our world-renowned epilepsy team works to make sure your test results are available quickly, appointments are scheduled efficiently and that you receive coordinated care from our team of specialists.

As part of a comprehensive evaluation of seizures, you may be referred to have video electroencephalography (Video EEG).

Video EEG records brain activity over several days, from the first signs of seizure through the end of the seizure.

It helps our specialists learn more about what kind of seizures you have and is used to assist in determining the best way to manage and treat them. Learn more about Video EEG Monitoring.

The EMU at UM Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute is part of the Maryland Epilepsy Center and your doctor will determine whether this testing site best meets your needs and the goals of the evaluation.