Complete our health history form and bring it with you or fax it to us at 410-328-5919.

Request a CD of all your imaging you have had done pertaining to your current issue. This would include ultrasounds, CAT scans, nuclear medicine scans, sestamibi scans, x-rays, and MRI's and bring them with you. You can obtain them by calling the facility where you had the test performed and requesting a copy. This process may take several days or a week, so request them in plenty of time prior to your appointment.

Request all your medical reports that were done outside this facility pertaining to your current issue be faxed to us. This would include reports such as pathology reports, operation reports, doctor's notes, radiology reports, imaging reports, lab results, and any other report available regarding your current issue. This may be done by contacting the facility where the test was done and requesting they fax us the information. Sometimes your primary care physician or endocrinologist will have these reports and they can fax them to us.

Be sure to bring the names and phone numbers of your primary care physician and endocrinologist with you. It is important for us to stay in contact with other physicians involved in your care.

Make a list of questions you have for the endocrine surgeon. If done prior to the visit, you can refer to them during the visit and have a less chance of forgetting something.

What to Expect At Your Initial Appointment

Upon arrival at the hospital located at 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD, you will stop at the main information desk at the hospital entrance and will be directed to the Stoler Pavillion, where you will register at the front desk.

If you did not complete a health history form prior to this visit, you will complete one here prior to your appointment with the surgeon. This health history will assist the endocrine surgery team in assessing your medical health status. Be sure to bring a list of all your medications you are currently taking with you to the appointment.

At this appointment, you will meet with several members of the endocrine surgery team including the attending surgeon, nurse practitioner and possibly a fellow that is specializing in endocrine conditions.

Your health history and any family medical issues will be reviewed with you along with having a physical exam. You will be asked about symptoms specific to endocrine conditions (symptoms) and how long you have been experiencing them.

During this visit, we will review any imaging studies or biopsy reports you have brought with you or sent to us prior to your appointment. It is very important that you bring or send prior to your appointment a CD of these images as well as the written report. These images include ultrasounds, CAT scans, sestamibi scans, nuclear medicine scans, X-rays, or MRI. This information will help the endocrine team determine the best treatment plan for you. If you had imaging done here at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, we are able to access them within our system.

Also, if you had a fine needle aspiration or other biopsy done at a facility outside the University of Maryland Medical Center, it is important to bring a copy of the report or fax it prior to your visit.

At the end of the visit, our recommendation for your care will be discussed with you and all your questions will be answered before you leave. Our recommendation may require further testing (other tests) and/or surgery.

If surgery is needed, we will schedule a tentative date while you are here. If further testing is needed, we can help facilitate the scheduling of those tests.

A Recap of What to Bring with you or Fax to us For Your First Appointment

  • A completed health history form with an up-to-date medication list.
  • CD's of any imaging.
  • Medical reports if not already faxed to us.
  • Contact information for referring physician and primary care physician.
  • Insurance card.