To guide you in the process, we offer the following steps:

  1. Call 1-800-373-4111 or 410-328-1234
  2. Request a trauma consult with a trauma attending
  3. In an effort to streamline your transfer, please provide the following information:
    • Direct Call back number
    • Patient Name
    • Location of Patient
    • Diagnosis
    • Name of sending Attending Physician, Surgical Resident, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner to consult with STC attending
    • For your convenience, consult the TRU Handoff Report Sheet for a template to serve as a guideline for giving nursing report.
  4. Our Critical Care Transfer Coordinators will connect you to the STC attending or will call you back in the event that the STC attending is not immediately available.
  5.  Following patient acceptance, the referring physician should stay on the line. Our Coordinators will ask further specific clinical questions.
  6. Every effort will be made to transfer your patient immediately. Our STC Nursing Coordinators will contact ExpressCare when there is an appropriate bed to receive your patient. If there is a delay in transfer, our Transfer Coordinators will contact you to update the current status. Interim care guidance will be provided by the STC Attending
  7. During this time, please prepare the following in anticipation of transport:
    • Copy of the Patient's Medical Record
    • Copy of all Patient Medications
    • Copy of all Patient Lab Values
    • Copy of all Radiological Procedures (placed on Film or CD/DVD)
    • Transfer Summary (if patient is being transferred from an ICU/Floor)
    • If C-Spine has not been cleared by an attending physician, please have patient immobilized using long backboard, straps and neck collar where appropriate (board is for transport only - patient should not stay on board for extensive period of time)
  8. As soon as an appropriate bed has been identified, the Transfer Coordinators will contact you
  9. The nurse from the sending facility should contact the STC Trauma Resuscitation Unit Nurse at 410-328-8869 to provide a detailed nursing report. Ask for the charge nurse or the nurse receiving your patient. For your convenience, consult the TRU Handoff Report Sheet to serve as a guideline for giving nursing report.
  10. You may receive a questionnaire to inquire regarding your opinions on how the process worked. As our customer, we appreciate your honest feedback

Thank you for your patient referral. View more information about Critical Care Transport Services / University of Maryland ExpressCare and other helpful resources.

If you would like to receive follow up on your patient transferred to the Shock Trauma Center, please contact Carla Aresco, MSL, CRNP at 410-328-2701 or