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Sports injuries — whether they appear to be acute or chronic, serious or minor — keep you from doing the things you love. And without expert evaluation and treatment, it's tough to know when you'll be back in the game.

At University of Maryland Orthopaedics, our sports medicine specialists will assess and diagnose your sports injury and set you on a course to recovery.

Acute Sports Injuries

Often an injury happens in a moment and you immediately know something is wrong. Other times the pain doesn't fully develop until the game is long over. Either way, evaluation by our sports medicine specialists can speed your recovery.

Injuries to the head should be evaluated for concussion. Our team has specialized training in this type of sports injury and can assess your condition and refer you to a neurologist if needed.

For damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues, our treatments range from minimally invasive surgeries to physical therapy to regenerative medicine techniques.

Some of the more common acute sports injuries they treat include:

Chronic Sports Injuries

Other sports injuries develop over time. Repetitive motion issues, such as tennis elbow and pitcher elbow, not only affect your performance but can cause pain when you're not playing.

A sports hernia is a type of chronic injury that, without professional evaluation, could be mistaken for a pulled muscle.

Don't let an injury needlessly keep you from your sport, but at the same time don't assume you can play through the pain.

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