Essential Tremor Patient Sees Improvement After Receiving New Treatment

UMMC Focused Ultrasound patient John CroweJohn Crowe's hands were often shaky, so much so that he couldn't eat peas with a fork without them falling all over the place.

He was diagnosed with essential tremor, a movement disorder similar to Parkinson's disease. He received MRI-guided focused ultrasound treatment at the University of Maryland medical Center and immediately saw his tremor decrease.

Watch a video and read about John's story here.

Parkinson's Disease Patient Hits Two Holes-In-Ones

In 2002, William Brown was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, though he had started experiencing symptoms two year prior. Referred by a local physician, Brown made an appointment with Dr. Stephen Reich, professor of neurology and co-director of the Maryland Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center.

Under Dr. Reich's direction, Brown participated in a clinical trial for an experimental drug designed to slow the progression of the disease. Although the drug ultimately proved to be no better than the placebo, Brown appreciated the care he received. It was that personal attention and care that inspired him and his wife to give back to the School of Medicine. "We wanted to advance education and knowledge and give to organizations we believe in," Brown said.

He and his wife chose to establish an endowed professorship for Parkinson's disease in the Department of Neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

BOTOX Patient Sees Improved Dystonia

"I have been coming to see Dr. Shulman since December of 2008. I see her every 3 months for BOTOX injections to control problems with blepharospasm & oromandibular dystonia. I was very close to being non-functional when I finally got into the clinic. I have grown to trust her and this is something we built together because it is very hard to relax in this type of procedure."

"Dr. Shulman is particularly knowledgeable about which injection sites will control my symptoms. She is highly skilled in administering these injections and they are done as gently and as painlessly as possible. She achieves excellent results on a consistent basis. This is critical since I receive approximately 20 injections all over my face."

"The staff also knows me personally and the experience is very positive for me with them as well. The facilities are clean and people are professional, kind and considerate. The insurance and appointment scheduling is also handled efficiently. It is unfortunate there are those of us who require this type of treatment however you can rest assured you are in good hands if you chose to seek treatment at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Dr. Shulman."

– Suzanne Neal, February 2015