Diabetic sees improvement after angioplasty and stents

Daniel Hutzell had been a diabetic for over 40 years, which led to a number of complications including circulatory issues. After developing severe pain in his left calf, he sought treatment from staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center. After surgery, Daniel noticed dramatic improvements in his ability to walk long distances.

Pain and swelling subside dramatically after surgery

Harriet Burtwell had pain and swelling in her legs and ankles because of varicose veins, cellulitis and leg ulcers. After two surgeries at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Harriet said it looked like she had new legs.

Karen Alexander poses with a few of her students

Vascular Surgery Saves Athlete's Muscle Tissue

For Karen Alexander of Timonium, Maryland, a little pain was nothing. A competitive swimmer and aquatic personal trainer, Karen was used to having sports injuries, so when she noticed sporadic calf pain, she didn’t think to see her doctor.

What Karen didn’t realize is that the pain she was feeling was indicative of an aneurysm, a potentially life-threatening condition that almost cost Karen her leg.

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