After Years of Monitoring, Surgery Repairs Aortic Aneurism

Mike Bryant had an aortic aneurysm that was being monitored by his cardiologist. For five years he was screened regularly to keep an eye on it, but it kept growing in size.

His cardiologist sent him to the University of Maryland Medical Center's Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar MD, who recommended surgery. Since the operating, Mike has seen daily improvement in his health.

Anthony Leach, who was treated for an aortic dissection at the University of Maryland Medical Center

Anthony Leach was up early, making breakfast for his girlfriend and grandchildren when he started experiencing chest pain. He tried to shake it off, thinking it was gas.

The problem was much worse: an aortic dissection, a medical emergency which needed immediate attention if his life was to be saved. After being transferred to the University of Maryland Medical Center, he received life-saving surgery that gave him a new lease on life.

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Karen Amon with her husband Carlo

Karen Amon was alone at her home when her aortic aneurysm burst. Luckily, she had her cell and home phones within reaching distance, and she called 911 on one phone, her daughter on the other.

Dr. Bradley Taylor, driving back to his Pennsylvania home, turned around when he received the call about the emergency surgery. He made it to the University of Maryland Medical Center in time to perform life-saving surgery on Karen.

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