Exceptions to Visitation Policy

Patients on Isolation

To assure safety for the patient and family/visitors, those entering the patient's room shall don the required personal protective equipment (PPE) as required for the type of isolation- PPE is defined on the isolation sign.

Family and visitors play a key role in infection prevention. Please wash your hands frequently and cleanse as you enter and leave the room. Follow the instructions on the isolation sign.

Family and/or visitors presence may be limited under certain circumstances. Examples include family or visitors who have a contagious illness or a known exposure to a communicable disease that may jeopardize the patient's health, children that are not able to wear PPE or maintain isolation precautions, etc.

Intensive Care Units

UM UCH allows family to be present with patients for emotional support and to assist in care when possible. Family is welcome 24 hours a day as long as it is helpful to the patient and their well-being.

Family and visitors should be mindful and sensitive to the needs of the patient and the ICU environment by keeping noise at a minimum. Congregating in the hallways should not take place to assure the comfort of other patients and families. Encourage the use of the ICU family/visitors areas.

Interacting with the healthcare team:

  • Bedside shift reporting is done by the nursing team in the patient's room. The nurses will introduce themselves and invite the patient and family to take part in this report. The nurses will discuss the plan of care, medications, and any tests or other important information. They will check equipment, IV's, dressings, etc. Patients and families are encouraged to actively participate and share information.
  • Rounds are conducted with the health care team. This occurs once a day and is a time to communicate and discuss the patient's plan of care. Patient's and families are encouraged to participate in these rounds.