What is Proxy Access?

Proxy access gives an authorized person access to a patient's MyPortfolio medical information.

  1. Parents/guardians with proxy access through their own MyPortfolio account can view the full MyPortfolio information of a child under age 12 without the patient's consent.
    • Once a child turns 12, parents/legal guardians can still have proxy access to their child's MyPortfolio information, but access is then very limited.
  2. Adult patients may give proxy access to another adult (such as a spouse, adult child or caregiver) to help manage their care.

Getting Access

Anyone seeking proxy access must have a MyPortfolio account. If you do not have an account, please register for one on our Patient Portal page.

  • Parents/guardians seeking access to a minor patient's medical information must fill out the Proxy Access Form for Pediatric and Minor Patients (PDF version | Word document).
  • An adult patient may authorize a person to access his/her medical information on MyPortfolio via the Proxy Access Form for Competent Adults (PDF version | Word document).

Please submit your completed access form to your UMMS provider's office.

Need More Help?

MyPortfolio support is available 24/7 at 1-844-281-8667 or myportfoliosupport@umm.edu.