When arthritis has worn away the cartilage in your ankle joint, even everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs can be unbearable. This is when many people may begin to consider surgery, including ankle replacement. But even when you're certain it's time to do something about your ankle pain, knowing the right course of treatment is no simple thing.

At UM Upper Chesapeake Health, our orthopedic surgeons and the UCH Joint Center team are here to help. We will evaluate your needs through the lens of your overall health and lifestyle and help you understand your options.

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Total Ankle Replacement

In this surgery, also called ankle arthroplasty, the surgeon will remove any bits of damaged bone and cartilage and resurface the ankle joint with metal and plastic, similar to a knee replacement procedure. The replacement procedure relieves pain, increases movement and restores function to an arthritic ankle; however, it is important to note that high impact activities, such as running, can shorten the lifespan of the replaced joint.

Ankle replacement, while successful in restoring function, may not be for everyone. Through a comprehensive assessment, we will help you determine what is right for you, and whether you may benefit from other treatment options.

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