As people age, they often experience some degree of bone loss. Osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease, is when the extent of the bone loss leads to bone fragility and increases your risk of fractures.

The good news is that much can be done to reduce and even prevent the loss of bone mass and fractures associated with osteoporosis.

The Osteoporosis Clinic at UM Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) in Bel Air treats the whole patient. That means providing strategies for adjusting your lifestyle in order to strengthen your bones and limit your risk of fractures. It also means caring for any fracture you may have already had as well as treating the reason behind it too.

About Osteoporosis

Loss of bone mass begins around age 30. And although women, especially those past menopause, are more commonly affected, men can suffer from osteoporosis too.

The difficult thing about osteoporosis is that there are no real symptoms. The first indication is often the first fracture. Many of these fractures, like a hip fracture, can greatly impact a person's life.

However, sometimes fractures can be “silent” and go unrecognized like the vertebral compression fracture of the spine.

Osteoporosis Treatment Options

There is no cure for osteoporosis but there are many effective treatments and prevention plans including:

  • Drug therapies
  • Exercising five days a week for at least 30 minutes (weight-bearing exercises are best, including walking)
  • Appropriate calcium and vitamin D either through dietary changes or supplements

Osteoporosis is a preventable and treatable disease. Ask your physician if you should be evaluated for osteoporosis.

Learn more about the UM UCH Osteoporosis Clinic by calling 443-643-3130. Learn more about how osteoporosis can lead to fractures and what you can do.