It's hard to know what to do, how to feel, or what your options are after a sexual assault. At UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Aberdeen (UM UCMC Aberdeen), we offer the Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) Program for male and female victims of sexual assault from ages 13 and older. For victims under the age of 13, our team will make a recommendation on the most appropriate care.

This free, confidential service is a way to document injuries and collect evidence of sexual assault. It is available 24/7 at the UM UCMC Aberdeen Emergency Department, the designated treatment center for sexual assault in Harford County.

Where to Go:
UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Aberdeen Emergency Department

660 McHenry Road
Aberdeen, MD 21001
Location and Directions

If you are in immediate danger or seriously injured, call 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing what to expect can help you feel more comfortable with the SAFE examination process.

What is the time window for an exam after a sexual assault?

You have 360 hours (15 days) to receive an exam after the incident.

What should I do before the SAFE exam?

In order for the nurse to collect as much evidence as possible, before your exam you should:

  • Not use the restroom
  • Not eat, drink or brush your teeth
  • Not shower or change your clothes

If you have already done any of these, you may still get the exam.

Do I have to report the assault to the police?

If you were assaulted but do not wish to speak to the police, you may still have a confidential exam done.

If you're age 13 to 18, you may consent to an exam without a parent's consent. Evidence is held up to 75 years should you ever want to report at a later time.

Do I have to pay for the sexual assault exam?

No. Sexual assault forensic examinations are free and confidential and covered by the State of Maryland. You will not receive a bill, nor will your insurance company.

Do you offer STD and HIV testing?

We test all of our patients for sexually transmitted diseases except for HIV/AIDS. All sexual assault patients are offered STD treatment during their visit in addition to testing.

Patients are referred to the Harford County Health Department for HIV/AIDS testing and initial treatment or they may choose to see their own doctor.

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