At University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) almost 85 percent of our nearly 3,500 team members live in Harford and Cecil Counties—truly making us neighbors who take care of neighbors. And we are committed to providing the highest quality care to each and every one of them.

One of our biggest and most valuable resources at UM UCH is our Community Outreach and Health Improvement program. Part of our Community Outreach efforts, Community Outreach and Health Improvement provides health screenings, education and support groups to people in our community. They operate the Community Outreach and Health Improvement Call Center and offer numerous self-management programs designed to help people live their best lives despite chronic health conditions. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of people have the knowledge and resources they need to make positive health and wellness decisions.

In this year's Community Health Improvement Report, you will find information about our Community Health Needs Assessment and implementation plan along with highlights of some of our key community initiatives.

Learn more about what we're doing with:

  • Project Healthy Connect
  • Programs for children
  • Human papillomavirus awareness
  • Skin cancer programs

In conjunction with our many community partners, including Healthy Harford, UM UCH actively reaches out into our neighborhoods to promote healthy lifestyles, improved eating habits and physical activity because we know that medical care and support of good health and wellness doesn't always happen inside the hospital. In fact, there is reliable data to support that outpatient care to prevent, screen and manage chronic (and common) conditions like diabetes, congestive heart failure and lung disease can be highly effective. When people are screened, diagnosed and treated at the start of these conditions, how they feel, cope and live can be greatly improved. We believe this concept will transform healthcare, and help create the healthiest community in Maryland.

In good health, 

vickie bandsVickie Bands, MSN, MSA, RN
Director, Community Outreach and Health Improvement
UM Upper Chesapeake Health