Elizabeth Wise Headshot

Elizabeth Wise has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Seton Hall University and a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers University.

Since 2017, Elizabeth has served as President of Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono and Senior Vice President, Operations, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), which includes Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono and Lehigh Valley Hospital–Dickson City. She was named President of Lehigh Valley Hospital-Dickson City in 2020 and President, North Region in 2021. During her time with Lehigh Valley Health Network, Elizabeth has been a driving force in helping the system to expand and transition through numerous changes in the way healthcare is delivered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and the surrounding region. Elizabeth has worked at other health systems in New Jersey, Delaware and Washington, D.C. Elizabeth is a fellow in the American College of Executives.