Professional Advancement Model

The professional advancement model recognizes leadership and rewards the clinical nurse for excellence in patient care delivery. It is a foundation for professional growth and engagement, in which the nurse who provides ongoing and substantial excellence is recognized and advanced. Nurses progress up the clinical ladder through their contributions at the unit level, within the hospital and beyond.

Advancement Model Levels:

  • Clinical Nurse I (CNI)
  • Clinical Nurse II (CNII)
  • Senior Clinical Nurse I (SCN I)
  • Senior Clinical Nurse II (SCN II)

Nurse Practice Council

Nursing Governance WheelThe UM St. Joseph Nurse Practice Council (NPC) encourages nurses to share and address ideas for nursing collaboration, enhance professional practice and address workplace challenges. Our nursing governance is made up of five individual committees that come together at Nurse Coordinating Council (NCC) to share knowledge and distribute communication back to the unit level.

Nurse Practice Council Committees:

  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Patient Experience
  • Quality & Safety
  • Informatics
  • Nurse Retention & Engagement