All applicants for medical staff membership and / or clinical privileges must complete a credentialing application and request for clinical privileges. In addition to these documents, an applicant must possess a valid license to practice in the state of Maryland, current CDS and DEA license as well as meet the board certification requirements for their respective specialty, when appropriate to the role.

The following documents may be obtained from any of the Medical Staff Services staff and include:

  • Credentialing Application
  • Department Delineation of Privileges
  • Credentialing Checklist
  • Medical Staff Bylaws

The completed forms may be submitted via scan and email to any of the Medical Staff Services staff or faxed to 410-427-5302. The processing time for an application before it begins the medical staff approval process is typically 6-8 weeks but this time period can vary depending on the work history of the application and response time of peer references.