New Employee Orientation

At UM St. Joseph Medical Center, we provide in-person orientation for our new hires in order to set our team members up for success and add a personal touch. As a newly hired nurse or Clinical Nurse Intern (CNI), you will join us in-person Monday through Thursday.

  • Monday: Hosted by the Human Resources department, the first day of orientation includes an introduction to UM St. Joseph and a tour of the hospital.
  • Tuesday: Hosted by the Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE) department, the second day of orientation includes a hands-on skills day for our nursing colleagues and Epic Portfolio training for our CNI colleagues.
  • Wednesday: Hosted by CCE, the third day of orientation includes presentations from the Pharmacy, Speech Language Pathology, Stroke, and Behavioral Health departments. You will also meet with your unit leadership on Wednesday.

Tool for Holistic Response to an Individualized Validated Experience (THRIVE)

Once our nurse colleagues have completed week one of orientation, CCE will continue to check-in and support you however you need.

During orientation, you will complete a weekly electronic survey, called our THRIVE check-in. Your preceptor will also complete this survey—it allows you both to track your progress and identify goals for the following week.

This weekly check-in also allows you and your preceptor to have a consistent platform to communicate through if additional support is needed. Your manager and Clinical Practice Specialist will be available to follow up with you and/or your preceptor to address any identified needs that may be preventing you from having an optimal experience.

Nurse Mentor Program

This program is based upon the principles of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses evidence-based Mentor Program which is designed to build a mutually beneficial relationship between an experienced nurse (mentor) and a new nurse or nurse transitioning to a new role (mentee). It is a framework for the passage of wisdom, caring, and confidence between new and experienced nurses.