Clinical Nursing Intern (CNI)

The University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center offers nursing students who have completed their Fundamentals of Nursing course the opportunity to apply for a Clinical Nursing Intern (CNI) position. In this position, CNIs are given the opportunity to work as part of the health care team to begin their patient care experience in a hospital setting in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) role. Our CNIs are offered a flexible schedule so that they can continue to be successful and meet the requirements of their nursing program.

CNI Summer Program

UM St. Joseph offers a CNI summer program for those who have been employed in the organization for at least 6 months, excel at their position and display dedication to their future nursing career. CNI summer positions are available to nursing students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program.
The CNI summer program consists of four 6-8 hour seminars in addition to the hours worked on the unit. The program strives to meet the CNI at the level of individual academic development, while providing the necessary support to ease the transition from Student Nurse to Registered Nurse. The goal of the program is to introduce the future professional nurse to the culture of our institution, with the intent of hiring strong and engaged new graduates.
The program consists of interactive learning activities, discussions on topics relevant to nursing students, hands-on review of clinical skills, as well as the opportunity to shadow nurses in various clinical settings.
In order to gain an invitation into this program, CNIs must be recommended by their manager to our Center For Clinical Excellence team. For more information on what CNI positions are currently available, please visit our Job Openings page.

Nurse Mentor Program

This program is based upon the principles of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses evidence-based Mentor Program which is designed to build a mutually beneficial relationship between an experienced nurse (mentor) and a new nurse or nurse transitioning to a new role (mentee). It is a framework for the passage of wisdom, caring, and confidence between new and experienced nurses.