Doctor reviewing lung test results

UM St. Joseph Medical Group – Pulmonary Care and Sleep Medicine performs the most advanced pulmonary testing to see how well your lungs are working, make a diagnosis and determine the right treatment.

Pulmonary Function Lab

We conduct various tests in our Pulmonary Function Laboratory, including:

  • Spirometry (the most basic pulmonary function test, used to measure how much and how quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs)
  • Arterial blood gas test (measures both oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood to see how well your lungs are working)
  • Pulse oximetry (also measures oxygen levels in the blood)
  • Flow volume loops (used to assess airflow and breathing patterns)
  • Resting energy expenditure, or REE (calculated to see how much energy your body burns daily while sedentary)
  • Exercise testing (helps evaluate causes of shortness of breath)

Our tests are generally painless. Prior to your pulmonary function test, we will tell you what the procedure will involve and how to prepare for it.

Asthma Management

In addition to pulmonary function testing, we take referrals from your primary care provider for your asthma management.