For Immediate Release January 17, 2024

Ken Kozel, MBA, FACHE, President and CEO of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health (UM SRH), has been named to the The Daily Record's 2023-2024 Power 100, a list of 100 individuals shaping businesses, governments, nonprofits, law firms and other key institutions in Maryland. UM SRH is a member organization of the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS).Ken Kozel headshot.

The 2023-24 Power 100 list marks the third year that The Daily Record, a news outlet covering business, legal and government affairs in Maryland, has identified and recognized the top 100 people who play "an outsized role in the culture, lifestyle, civic conversation and economic fortunes in Maryland." Mohan Suntha, MD, MBA, President and CEO of UMMS, was also named to the list.

The Power 100 list includes a summary of each individual's role and accomplishments, along with a brief interview. Noting that Kozel has been at the helm of UM Shore Regional Health since 2011, his Power 100 summary describes him as a "proven leader with an extensive background in building and managing collaborative teams, overseeing multiple clinical and nonclinical divisions and departments, and achieving strategic objectives."

"On behalf of Shore Regional Health's Board of Directors, I am so honored and pleased to congratulate Ken Kozel on this well-deserved recognition," said Kathy Deoudes, UM SRH Board Chair. "UM Shore Regional Health has made phenomenal progress throughout our five-county region under Ken's leadership."

Among these accomplishments, Deoudes noted, UM SRH has expanded access to care by building a multitude of new facilities, including freestanding emergency centers in Cambridge and Queenstown; medical pavilions in Cambridge, Denton, Easton and Queenstown; the Leh Women's Center in Chestertown and the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center in Easton; and urgent care centers in Denton, Easton and Kent Island. UM SRH also has 22 Shore Medical Group practices employing more than 120 providers seeing patients throughout the region, and has accomplished significant upgrades in medical technology while strengthening its affiliation with UMMS to ensure that patients who need advanced, specialized treatment have access to world-class, patient-centered care.

"And today, we are working harder than ever to ensure that our plans for a regional medical center, which Ken has shepherded since his early days with us, are seen into fruition," Deoudes added. "The future is bright for our communities and for UM Shore Regional Health."

"The most important lesson I've learned in my career is to stay true to my values and keep the organization's mission and vision as my north star," Kozel said. "My values have kept me grounded, and with empathy and the intent to listen more, I have the foundational elements for strong and lasting professional relationships. When combined with a clear mission and purpose, I've learned anything is possible."