For Immediate Release April 18, 2023

Chester River Health Foundation (CRHF) recently appointed  Chestertown resident Clara A. Rankin, Esq., to its Board of Directors for a three-year term. Chester River Health Foundation raises funds to enhance excellence in health care at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Chestertown.Clara Rankin headshot.

Rankin, a retired attorney and teacher, has lived part-time in the Chestertown area with her husband and children since 1999. They became full-time residents in 2021.

“I am an advocate for our community, for the people in it and for quality treatment for all. As a retired
litigator, parent, court-appointed guardian and disabled person, I have wide-ranging exposure to medical
health systems, which will benefit my work with the Foundation,” said Rankin. “I am honored to bring my world-view and small-town pride to the Foundation, and to assist in its most worthy goals and services.”

“Clara has a wealth of knowledge in both law and health care,” said Richard Barker, chair, CRHF. “We are grateful that she is sharing her time and talents for the benefit of community health care.”

In addition to Barker, Rankin joins other members of the CRHF Board: Sandra Bjork, Esq., Vice Chair; Jack Edson, Secretary; Libby Woolever, Assistant Secretary; Sue Edson, Hospital Auxiliary President; JoAnne Hahey, CFO, UM Shore Regional Health and Foundation Treasurer; Ken Kozel, President and CEO, UM Shore Regional Health and Foundation President; Carol Hilty Droge; Michael Faust; Kristen Owen; and Sigrid Whaley. 

For more information about the Foundation’s efforts, please contact Maryann Ruehrmund, Executive Director, 410-810-5660 or visit the Foundation’s web site at