For Immediate Release March 28, 2022

A large group of nurses stands with the Talbot County Council in Council chambers, in front of the seal for Talbot County.

Talbot County Council members presented a proclamation honoring UM Shore Medical Center at Easton ICU nurses at the March 22 County Council meeting.

The team of ICU nurses at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton were recognized on March 22 with a proclamation presented by the Talbot County Council honoring the team's many months of dedication and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic as they cared for patients in our community.

The proclamation recognized the "extreme pressure in the face of catastrophic situations" and large patient volumes experienced by the ICU nurses, as well as the possibility of endangering their own health and well-being as they continued their commitment to caring for the sick.

Peyman Otmishi, MD, pulmonologist with UM Shore Medical Group and emergency care physician at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, attended the Council meeting, along with many of the ICU nurses and their families.

In his address to the Council, Dr. Otmishi said, "Each surge of the pandemic led to a significant increase in the sheer number of critically ill patients that overwhelmed our hospital and especially our Intensive Care Unit. The nurses in our ICU stepped up to this challenge and worked harder and longer than ever before. These men and women are heroes, my partners, and I am proud to join Talbot County in honoring them as heroes."