For Immediate Release November 08, 2022

Five people stand around a woman who is sitting on a hospital bed holding a medical device that was just donated to UM Shore Medical Center at Cambridge.

Surrounding UM Shore Medical Center at Cambridge Emergency Department’s new CPR machine are Esther Nichols, Nurse Tech; Heidi Van Winkle, RN; Kimberly Kral, Clinical Coordinator; AnnMarie Hernandez, Emergency Department Manager; Dr. C. Edmund Connelly, DDS, MAGD, Dorchester General Foundation President; and Joy Loeffler, Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary President and DGH Foundation Board member.

UM Shore Regional Health at Cambridge just received a new, automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine for its Emergency Center. The machine, called the LUCAS Device, cost more than $16,000 and its purchase was funded by the Dorchester General Hospital Foundation. 

The LUCAS device improves the quality of chest compressions and helps sustain lifesaving circulation during prolonged resuscitation attempts. LUCAS has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, and to save the lives of patients whose condition otherwise might have been considered futile.

“This LUCAS device is state-of-the-art CPR technology,” said AnnMarie Hernandez, Emergency Department Manager at UM Shore Medical Center at Cambridge. “We are profoundly grateful to the Foundation for funding the purchase of this lifesaving equipment that helps us provide the safest and most effective emergency care for our community.”