University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus offers an inpatient detoxification program for adults aged 18 and older with a drug or alcohol dependency as well as outpatient detoxification through the UM Center for Addiction Medicine.

Detox from heroin, alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines should always be done under medical supervision. Nausea, anxiety, seizures, hallucinations and high blood pressure can result from the withdrawal.

Our addiction specialists work closely with each patient to provide the care and support needed to overcome their addictions and the often serious health problems that can result from prolonged substance abuse.

Care during inpatient detoxification process is non-judgmental environment away from the stress and pressures of daily life. Treatment is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and includes a complete range of medical, psychological and social services.

Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers and administrative staff is sensitive to a patient's need for privacy and confidentiality.

To make an appointment, call 410-225-8626.

We work with adults, 18 or older, who are intoxicated or experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs. Detoxification includes a medically supervised hospital stay, which usually lasts up to two to three days. Afterward, we connect people to our outpatient addiction services. The inpatient stay includes:

  • An initial assessment of the patient, including a review of their medical history
  • A complete physical examination and laboratory work-up
  • An evaluation by our nursing staff
  • Medical stabilization and detoxification
  • Chemical dependency services
  • Discharge planning, including referral to outpatient services, residential services, halfway houses and other community resources

No waiting lists: Admission to the program is quick so treatment can begin immediately. Services are available seven days a week including holidays.

Patient-centered care: Care is provided with respect in open access medical units rather than locked wards. Our friendly staff treats all patients with dignity and provides courteous, confidential and professional services of the highest quality.

Immediate help for people in crisis: Treatment begins with a medically supervised hospital stay. The patient's needs are assessed with a thorough medical history and physical, complete set of lab tests and an evaluation by a specially trained nurse.

Discharge planning: The staff works closely with the patient from the beginning to plan treatment options to continue care after inpatient treatment has been completed. Before discharge, the patient is referred to a community-based after-care program that will support and continue the recovery process.

Access to treatment resources: We work with a network of after-care providers to make sure each patient gets the care he or she needs to continue recovery. We can connect patients with intensive outpatient services, partial hospitalization programs, residential programs, emergency shelters, halfway houses, and other community resources.

Affordable treatment in a convenient location: We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most health insurance plans. UMMC Midtown Campus is conveniently located in downtown Baltimore. It's easy to get here by car, bus, light rail, or subway.