Quality Circle

Quality in the value-based care world requires strong multi-disciplinary expertise. Our Team includes professionals with clinical, operational, technical, and program policy backgrounds.

Strengthen and improve outcomes to ensure best possible care delivery, meet or exceed program targets, achieve high performance recognition. Implement changes while balancing resources, provider and support staff time, identify sustainable solutions.

To assist practices interpret and improve quality metrics by engaging with designated practice quality leads, clinical leadership and operations managers. Our experts leverage several tools and materials to engage in continuous quality improvement.

Relationship-building: Engage directly and regularly with practice quality leads – clinical, operational, technical, support staff.

Our Services

  • Recommend focus areas based on performance trends, program requirements
  • Develop targeted performance improvement plans to track progress
  • Manage regular quality scorecards and share data insights
  • Develop and disseminate quality measures education, including measure specifications, program requirements
  • Share best practice on clinical workflows and documentation requirements for quality measures
  • Engage practices to perform data validation and other performance optimization activities
  • Identify open gaps to optimize performance (Gaps in Care Campaigns)
  • Manage annual reporting requirements with program stewards


  • 2017: ACO/MIPS score of 93points in first performance year; equating to 1.52% increase in ALL physicians in QCN ACO. Key quality measures: preventive cancer screening, depression screening and follow up, BMI assessment and follow up, falls risk assessment
  • 2018: United HealthCare: achieved $4M shared savings in first performance year; able to retain full incentive due to high quality scores in key quality measures: colorectal cancer screening, Diabetes HbA1c testing, Diabetes Eye Exam, among others
  • 2018 ACO/MIPS: achieved significant gains in performance scores across measures; key quality measures: diabetes control; hypertension control; medication reconciliation post discharge; preventive cancer screening; depression screening and remission; estimated MIPS score 95+
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