Athlete care

All of our urgent care centers provide a wide range of orthopedic services for athletes and their families. From getting hurt on the field to preparing for the season to dealing with everyday pain, you can visit our team for thorough orthopedic urgent care.

Orthopedic Urgent Care for Sports Injuries

Many sports-related injuries can be treated at UM Urgent Care, saving you a trip to the ER. These include: 

  • Foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck or back sprains and strains
  • Fractures of fingers, toes, feet, ankles, wrists, etc.
  • Lacerations
  • Skin infections
  • Minor eye injuries
  • Minor head injuries

We can also provide referrals to trusted specialists in the event you need follow-up care. 

Concussion Evaluation

If you think you are suffering from a concussion, visit one of our urgent care centers right away. Left untreated, a concussion can lead to long-term neurological complications that interfere with your everyday life, delaying your return to work, school and other activities. 

Using the most up-to-date techniques, our team performs comprehensive evaluations of concussion-like symptoms, whether they’re sports-related or not. We thoroughly assess your symptoms to get you the most appropriate treatment for a full, safe recovery.

If we determine you have a concussion and require further care, we will refer you to a concussion expert who can develop a personalized treatment plan for your gradual recovery.

Sports Physicals

We can get your athlete sports-ready and back on the field safely with our convenient sports physicals. Learn more about getting a sports physical at urgent care, including the best time to schedule one and what it entails.