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Our highly skilled midwives will spend time developing a relationship with you, as we aim to provide the best care possible for your overall well-being in addition to your pregnancy. We will discuss things such as diet, lifestyle choices, supplements, familial risk factors and natural management options. In the labor and delivery setting, our midwives will give you emotional support, and encourage ambulation, relaxation and effective breathing patterns. We also offer alternative pain control techniques, such as the use of birthing balls or a Jacuzzi tub. We encourage ideal birthing plans, and anything to make the birthing experience beautiful and memorable. The Public Citizen's Health Research Group reported that women were half as likely to have a cesarean section birth when cared for by a midwife.

Services Offered

We offer annual exams and healthy lifestyle counseling; breast and cervical cancer screening; management of abnormal pap smears, including performing colposcopy; contraception counseling and management, including oral, transdermal, subdermal and intrauterine methods; STD screening and treatment; evaluation and management of chronic vaginitis; evaluation and management of menopausal changes; hormone replacement therapy, including holistic alternatives; preconception counseling; routine prenatal care of the well woman; postpartum care and support; and breastfeeding support.


If I have a midwife, does that mean I won't be allowed to have pain medication during labor?

  • No. Your midwife can offer all the same pain control options as any other provider would.

Will my insurance cover a midwife to take care of me during my delivery?

  • Yes, however as with any procedure or hospitalization, it is always best to check with your insurers specific coverage. Most all insurances recognize midwives as independent obstetrical practitioners.

What happens if I need a cesarean section during my labor?

  • A cesarean section must be performed by an OB-GYN physician; however, your midwife will go with you to the operating room to assist the surgeon and to make sure you still achieve the positive birth experience you desire.

I am not someone who believes in a lot of holistic or alternative medicine. Does that mean a midwife isn't for me?

  • Not necessarily. Just because your midwife has special training in these arenas, doesn't mean she will try to force them upon you. Your midwife's job is to provide a healthcare experience tailored to your specific needs and desires.

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