Finding out that your baby needs heart surgery is scary news.

Finding a team with the skills and experience to help, who will also provide a caring environment, is important.

At the University of Maryland Children's Heart Program, our heart surgery team has years of experience performing complex pediatric heart surgeries.

We want to help you through this difficult time, using our expertise to give your child the best chance for a long, healthy life.

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Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease

When a child develops a heart condition before birth, this is known as a congenital heart disease.

These can range from holes in the heart to arteries pointing in the wrong direction.

These diseases can be diagnosed pre-birth by our fetal heart team, and these conditions are generally treatable and children will grow up to live normal, healthy lives.

Depending on the condition, it may require one surgery or multiple surgeries over several years. We’ll go into depth with you about what to expect from each operation, from the surgery itself through the recovery process.

Conditions We Treat

Our surgeons are experts at treating the full range of congenital heart disease, having great outcomes in the most complex cases.

Conditions we treat include:

Learn more about different types of congenital heart disease and how we treat each one differently.

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