Nurse holding a baby

The care your child receives before and after surgery is critical to the outcome.

That’s why the staff in our pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU) is dedicated to providing excellent care and compassion not only to our patients but to families as well. Families play an integral part in their child’s recovery process, and we include you in every stage of your child’s care.

The PCICU is part of our Children’s Heart Program.

Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Specialists

Our team includes:

  • Intensive care physicians trained in cardiac care
  • Cardiac-trained ICU nurses
  • Cardiac advanced practitioners
  • Bedside nurses trained specifically in pediatric cardiac intensive care
  • Two separate nursing teams for day and night

Our Physicians

Our specialized pediatric cardiac intensive care team is led by board-certified cardiac critical care physicians. 

Stacie Bershak Peddy, MD

Stacie Bershak Peddy, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Medical Director, Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit; Director, Pediatric ECMO Program

E. Ana Lia Graciano, MD

E. Ana Lia Graciano, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

Adrian Jamon Holloway, MD

Adrian Jamon Holloway, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Jennifer Schuette, MD

Jennifer Schuette, MD

Associate Professor

Our Nurse Practitioners

Our cardiac surgical nurse practitioners are specially trained in pediatric cardiac critical care. 

 Pediatric Cardiac ICU Nurse Practitioners

  • Samantha Druckman, CPNP-AC
  • Casey Bor, CPNP-AC, 
  • Sarah Keaney,  CRNP-AC/PC
  • Julianne Moss, CPNP-AC
  • Melanie Scala,  CRNP-AC

Outpatient Surgical Nurse Practitioner

  • Lindsay DelCoco, FNP-C