The Ripple family thanks pediatric cardiologists Geoffrey Rosenthal, MD, PhD, along with entire cardiology team, for their incredible care for their son Collin

Dr. Rosenthal and the Cardiology Team,

Our family wanted to thank you for all you did for Collin and all that you continue to do for his heart.

When we first came to University of Maryland, we were not certain of what Collin's situation was or even what his outlook would be. Kenny and I will never forget the night we met with Dr. Rosenthal and finally had a sense of what was wrong with Collin's heart. In fact, we still have the picture hanging above our sink to remind us.

It is so absolutely wonderful to have our four kids together and under one roof. Collin is our little Superman. We are forever grateful to your team. We know you spent long hours and an enormous amount of effort on treating Collin. You saved Collin's life and we have no doubt that he is with the best of the best when it comes to Pediatric Cardiology.

The time that Collin was in the hospital was extremely tough for our family and we always hoped it was tougher on us than on Collin. Kenny and I came to realize that we were picked to be Collin's parents and that we could handle his situation together. Even though the first six weeks of Collin's life have been an emotional roller coaster, we have experienced so many positive events as a result. Collin has touched so many lives already and he brought hundreds of people together in faith.

We know the future may not always be easy and that Collin may require additional treatment, but we are confident in your team and medical staff. In fact, that gives us peace of mind. You are all part of Collin's family and each and every one of you will hold a special place in his heart. Because of you, Collin has a strong heart that is ready to grow and be filled with happiness and joy.

Our sincere appreciation,

The Ripple Family (Kenny, Suzie, Kayla, Ryan, Owen and Collin)