Ebstein's anomaly is a defect of the tricuspid valve, which separates the right atrium from the right ventricle. ... Need copy here of definition and symptoms (5-7 sentences).

Ebstein's Anomaly – Causes and Diagnosis

Ebstein's anomaly is usually diagnosed by .... Need copy here (5-7).

Care Providers

The University of Maryland Children's Heart Program team that treats Ebstein's anomaly includes a pediatric cardiac surgeon, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric and neonatal intensive care doctors and nurses, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiac operating room staff, cardiac nurses and many others with expertise in providing this specialized cardiac care. 

If Ebstein's anomaly is diagnosed while you are pregnant, you will see a maternal fetal medicine specialist who will treat you during your pregnancy. 

Treating Ebstein's Anomaly

Patients who have Ebstein's anomaly will ... Need copy here (5 sentences).

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