Comprehensive Assessment

The Care Clinic provides comprehensive evidence-based clinical assessments for a very complex patient population with a multiplicity of mental health and psychosocial needs. The comprehensive assessment is the foundation for the treatment plan.

Play Therapy

Play is the natural language of children. Play based therapy helps children express feelings, symbolize behaviors, and develop control of memories and feelings generated by their victimization.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps children to understand, integrate, and resolve issues that affect their ability to build interpersonal relationships by developing a trusting relationship in which to identify and resolve issues. Some of the treatment modalities used for individual therapy include trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR), instinctual trauma response (ITR), and other empirically supported trauma-focused treatment strategies.

Parental Counseling

Parental counseling helps parents manage the child's trauma symptoms and behavioral maladjustment while they work towards recovery and stabilization. Parents are offered counseling and support in regards to their own victimization as well.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps family members to learn safe behaviors, recognize the impact their behavior has on one another, and provides an opportunity to explore the roles and relationships within the family system. Some of the goals of family therapy are to help reduce parental stress, child maladaptive behaviors, and to achieve positive parent-child interactions. We use parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), parent-child psychotherapy, and other empirically-supported family treatments to guide therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy helps individuals in decreasing feelings of isolation, addressing feelings, improving social skills and interpersonal skills, and processing information regarding child development, trauma, triggers for violence, parenting skills, and adaptive coping skills.

Psychiatric Services

We are currently partnering with Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to provide psychiatric services.

Psychological Evaluation

Our clinical psychologist (and supervised clinical students) performs psychological evaluations that might clarify diagnosis and elicit recommendations that may facilitate therapeutic treatment.

Note: We do NOT perform the forensic evaluation (i.e., the evaluation that determines whether or not abuse occurred). For this evaluation, we recommend that you consult with your county's Child Abuse Center or call 911 for further information.