Ari, 16 Rare heart Condition

Since he was in elementary school, 16-year-old Ari has had chronic abdominal issues, fatigue, dizziness, gastrointestinal pain and more. Dee, Ari's mom, says he went through countless tests to find out what was wrong that required him to miss school and struggled to keep up.

A specifically designed test finally revealed he had postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). That's when Ari's mom switched his care to the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, and everything changed. Now Ari's appointments were streamlined and physicians from different specialties worked together to create a specialized treatment plan to best suit him.

Ari's first appointment was with Peter Gaskin, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at University of Maryland Children's Hospital. Dee was overwhelmed with Dr. Gaskin's caring and gentle nature in such a scary situation for her and her son.

Team Brings Relief to Ari's Pain

When Ari expressed issues with pains in his stomach, Dr. Gaskin walked down the hall to consult with Samra Blanchard, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist.

"We felt like we were finally getting things figured out and felt supported," Dee said. "Finally someone listened to him and believed what he was saying. They were willing to try all sorts of things to help Ari feel better."

Dr. Gaskin is very familiar with working on complicated cases. "Ari's complex diagnosis requires seamless care across specialties to treat his symptoms in the best and most comprehensive way possible," he said. "We take pride in working as a team to provide the best possible cure for the patient.”

While POTS is a rare and complicated disease, Ari now has a caring and compassionate team helping him feel his best. He hopes to become a mathematician or computer programmer when he grows up.

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