Our team at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital gives first-rate care to kids and their families. Check out these videos to see how we make healthy childhoods and big dreams happen!

Haley's Story

Sickle cell disease can't stop this future veterinarian.

Regina Macatangay, a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, and her patient Haley talk about their childhood dreams, sickle cell disease, and what it's like for Haley to come to UM Children's Hospital.

Islah and Attallah's Story

Sisters aspire to be a teacher and a gymnast....and to stay healthy. 

Pediatrician Rebecca Carter and her patients, sisters Islah and Attallah, interview each other about their childhood dreams.

Kelsey's Story

On her way to a career as a biomedical engineer, Kelsey keeps dancing.

Sudhir Vashist, a pediatric cardiologist, and his patient Kelsey talk about Kelsey's dream of becoming a biomedical engineer and how Dr. Vashist treated Kelsey for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome at UM Children's Hospital.

Diana's Story

Future filmmaker asks her doc about his dreams.

Sudhir Vashist, a pediatric cardiologist, and his patient Diana share their childhood dreams and talk about what it's like for Diana to get treatment at University of Maryland Children's Hospital.