Doctor Stacy Ross

Stacy O. Ross, MD, MS, FAAFP
Program Director

Dr. Stacy Ross is a board certified family physician with a long history of practicing in Prince George's County, Maryland. Dr. Ross has been an Associate Program Director in the Family Medicine Residency. She is the founding Family Medicine Residency Director of the University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center's program that started in 2014.

One unique attribute of Dr. Ross is that during her career, she has founded two private practices, one in traditional family medicine and another in functional (holistic) medicine, as well as working in urgent care.

Her philosophy of practice is to treat the whole person.

As a Residency Director, Dr. Ross is proud to be an integral part in the transformation of medical students into competent, compassionate family physicians who can practice independently upon graduation from their graduate medical education training.

Dr. Ross believes residency training should include exposure to research/scholarly activities, multiple procedures, opportunities for advocacy work in Family medicine and technological advances.