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When you have a wound that will not heal, the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at University of Maryland (UM) Capital Region Health provides expert care to promote healing and prevent prolonged or permanent disability.

Those with diabetes or circulation disorders, or someone who is bedridden for long periods of time, often suffer from non-healing wounds.

A chronic, non-healing wound is one that does not begin to heal within two weeks or one that has not healed in six weeks.

Specialty Wound Care

When you come to the Wound Care Center at UM Capital Region Health, you have access to many specialists within our multidisciplinary program, including:

  • General surgeons
  • Infectious disease specialists
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Podiatrists
  • Specially trained wound care nurses
  • Vascular surgeons 

Comprehensive Wound Treatments

There is a growing need for wound care and comprehensive wound care can shorten hospital stays and reduce the need for amputations.

Our team is highly skilled at treating many different types of wounds, including:

  • Burns
  • Diabetic, ischemic, neuropathic, and pressure ulcers
  • Peristomal skin irritation
  • Surgical and traumatic wounds
  • Vasculitis
  • Venous insufficiency

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Some wounds do not respond to regular medical wound care. If your doctor prescribes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, your body receives extra oxygen to help its wound healing system work more efficiently.

Personalized Care

When you visit the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at UM Capital, you are paired with a doctor who is experienced at caring for your specific wound condition.

We complete a full assessment of your health, checking to see if any infections are present. A vascular surgeon may evaluate you to assess blood flow to your wound.

A variety of doctors collaborate to create the best treatment plan for your wound.

Once you begin treatments, we send regular reports about your progress to your primary care or referring doctor.

Our Wound Care Location

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at UM Capital is located on the campus of UM Laurel Medical Center, at 7400 Van Dusen Rd.

Call 301-725-7255 for information.