man wearing scrubs and glasses with word integrity at the bottom

We earn the trust of patients, one another and our communities by behaving morally, ethically and with integrity.

BEHAVIOR: We demonstrate honesty, respect and accountability at all times.

ACTION: We practice transparency and commit to hold one another accountable in a fair and just manner for our actions and inactions.

Our Values in Action

Hear directly from our team members how they live our values in the work that they do each day.

At the University of Maryland Medical System, Lamar James is a trusted and valued member of the team, constantly bringing integrity to the workplace.

Watch Lamar's video.

As a Chaplin, Randall Bowen offers prayer to anyone and everyone, and he does it with integrity.

Watch Randall's video.

In financial services, Julia Njau relies on the numbers while her colleagues rely on her to act with integrity.

Watch Julia's video.

Terry Alston earns the trust of others by acting with integrity and ensuring equipment works properly.

Watch Terry's video.