woman wearing medical gear, gloves and goggles with word discovery at the bottom

We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation.

BEHAVIOR: We are a learning organization and we encourage every team member to be engaged and proactive in finding new ways to improve the care we deliver and the efficiency of our System.

ACTION: We nurture a culture of innovation and discovery in order to improve health outcomes, quality and value for our patients, communities and beyond.

Our Values in Action

Hear directly from our team members how they live our values in the work that they do each day. 

As a medical technologist, Evangeline Quemuel plays a vital role in helping discover what may be making a patient sick. Using the latest technology possible, she helps analyze blood very quickly, aiding in a diagnosis.

Watch Evangeline's video.

Melanie Chapple is a pharmacist on a mission to help discover what keeps patients from taking their medications. She can then step in and make a difference.

Watch Melanie's video.

As an MRI tech, Chuck Boltz is quite literally helping discover what is going on with patients.

Watch Chuck's video.