We look forward to hosting visiting medical students for our one-month visiting sub-internship in Otorhinolaryngology.

Visiting students have the opportunity to rotate through all of the subspecialties of Otorhinolaryngology and broadly get to know a variety of faculty and residents in our department. Each student will give a brief presentation to the department at the end of the rotation as a way to showcase what they have learned. Students will participate in all formal didactic sessions and subspecialty-specific conferences, such as the tumor board, skull base conference and otology conference.

The subspecialty rotations include outpatient, inpatient and surgical experiences. Research opportunities may be available for highly motivated students. Additionally, each visiting student will be assigned a faculty mentor for this rotation.

All applications are accepted through the AAMC's Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO).

Duane Sewell Scholarship for Visiting Students

We aim to engage students from diverse backgrounds who show passion in the field and a commitment to underserved communities. With a combination of clinical exposure, structured mentorship and opportunities for community engagement, we'll give you a valuable glimpse into your future as a resident in our program.


Please contact Mellisa Lantaya at mlantaya@som.umaryland.edu if you have any specific questions on the application process.