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The University of Maryland has a three-year accredited program in Dermatology, which stresses both the clinical and research aspects of the specialty. Each house officer will be assigned his/her own patients during this time, and will average at least 15 patients individually per day. We have the largest clinic in the area and have affiliations with the adjacent Veteran's Administration Medical Center.

Our program offers a cooperative attending staff, a large number of patient encounters, and a clinic experience where you see your own follow-up patients over an extended time. A good dermatologist requires knowledge of the progress of the therapy of chronic disorders. This knowledge can only be obtained by following patients for months to years. We have 5 wonderful residents (1 or 2 positions each year).



The didactic training sessions are conducted by the faculty, selected by the residents and regulated by the resident staff. Conferences, including pathology (unknowns and test review), basic sciences, mycology, journal club, pharmacology unknown kodachromes and clinical text reviews are included in our program.


Clinical Dermatology

The clinics at the University of Maryland Hospital and the Veterans Affairs Hospital meet in the mornings and afternoons respectively. All of the patients are under your primary care with monitoring by your chief residents and/or attending staff. The fact that you will be attending these clinics daily and have primary responsibility for the patients over the course of your three years is unique in American dermatological training programs. One resident serves as in-hospital consultant. Every morning, one resident runs a busy phototherapy unit at the VA. Surgical clinic meets weekly.



Research experience is available at the University of Maryland dermatology service. Residents are required to participate in a project during their residency years. Adequate funds for supplies and technical help are in place. Any research proposal requiring the guidance of faculty in another department can be pursued in the laboratories of those departments within the medical complex.



The dermatological surgery experience is excellent. "Hands on" procedural instruction is routine. We have a full-time Mohs' surgeon and an excellent surgical conference schedule.



Elective time to pursue your own interests with dermatology or other related fields has been made available for senior residents, including time to schedule an away elective. This has been usually taken during the winter months, in such fields as pathology, immunofluorescence diagnoses, phototherapy or dermatological surgery.



During your three-year residency you will obviously live in the city where the institution is located. Baltimore is a very interesting town. The expected cultural advantages of residing in one of the largest cities of our country are real. An array of museums, concerts, theatre and sports activities is available. The proximity to Washington opens numerous possibilities. We are within hour's reach of the Chesapeake Bay and our harbor is on one of its tributaries. Three hours is required to drive to the Atlantic seaboard coast and one and a half to two hours drive can put you in the mountains. While Baltimore is a large metropolitan area it is also still a small town in many respects and there are numerous friendly and comfortable neighborhoods.



Housing is easily available in several districts of Baltimore City as well as surrounding counties. A variety of living accommodations from urban apartments to suburban townhomes are affordable and within a quick commute to the hospital.


Baltimore Washington International Airport

There are approximately five red lights between the hospital and the airport.


Student Electives/Fellowships

We do not offer surgical or other types of fellowships. While we do not offer research positions or research electives, we do offer a clinical elective for 4th year students who have completed their Internal Medicine rotation. The elective is very popular, and priority is given to University of Maryland students. Interested students from other institutions should apply to the University of Maryland Office of Student Affairs with several months notice.


Application Process

Applications will be accepted THROUGH ERAS ONLY. Interviews are held in January by invitation only. We participate in the NRMP match. We will accept applications from individuals who have completed more than 1 postgraduate training year. Please address all questions to Ms. Betsy Satosky, Residency Coordinator, at

We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to hearing from you.