Two types of fellowships are offered in Women's Imaging at UMMS: (1) A full 12-month fellowship in breast imaging; or (2) a hybrid fellowship with 6 or more months of breast imaging combined with cross-sectional (emphasis on ultrasound) or MR imaging. The minimum American College of Radiology requirement for a breast imaging fellowship is 6 months (mini-fellowship).

Our breast imaging services are provided through the all-digital Breast Center in the University of Maryland Medical Center. The new center provides screening and diagnostic mammography (approximately 10,000 exams per year), ultrasound, and MR imaging, and breast intervention with an active core needle biopsy and mammotomy program (approximately 300 per year, guided stereotactically or by ultrasound). The faculty and staff work closely with colleagues in the UMMC Greenebaum Cancer Center, and the fellow is expected to participate in multidisciplinary conferences and clinics on topics in breast surgery, pathology, oncology, radiation oncology, and plastic surgery.

Approximately 10,000 ultrasound exams are performed annually at UMMC, including gynecologic, obstetric, abdominal, and small-parts examinations. Interventional procedures include ultrasound-guided biopsies, drainages, and hysterosonography. Three-dimensional ultrasound and ultrasound contrast agents are available for investigational purposes. Training includes pelvic MR imaging.

Participation in clinical research is strongly encouraged, but not required, as part of fellowship training. Projects ongoing in breast imaging include breast MR imaging in breast cancer survivors, correlation of MR-guided biopsy and pathology findings, evaluation of devices for minimally invasive breast biopsies, and new technology development for MR-guided techniques

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Applying to the Fellowship

Please refer to the application checklist or contact fellowship coordinator Barbara Stewart at 410-328-3477 or email