In addition to EVLP, we offer other advanced techniques and devices to support the care of lung disease patients:

  1. Inhaling immune suppressant medication: We are the only trial in the country administering an aerosolized (spray) version of one of the immune suppressant medications, which will prevent rejection of the lung. The purpose of the trial is to see whether inhaling the drug is more effective than taking it by mouth. 
  2. Bone marrow cells to decrease rejection: We are examining whether implanting bone marrow cells from donors can decrease rejection in recipients. Our pre-clinical studies have found that the cells can reduce chronic rejection. If the approach works, bone marrow infusions could help patients avoid the need to use anti-rejection medicine.
  3. Hemolung®: This is a type of portable ventilator. Normally, if you need a ventilator to help you breathe, you are confined to the bed. Hemolung is an innovative device that dramatically improves the quality of life for patients needing a ventilator. It is a catheter that removes carbon dioxide from your lungs while allowing you to walk around, eat and move freely.

    Like ECMO, the Hemolung can act as a bridge to transplant, ensuring you are healthy enough to undergo a lung transplant procedure.

To speak with an advanced lung disease specialist, please call 410-328-4351.