Skull base surgery - medical illustration of computer stimulation of headThe Center for Skull Base Surgery uses the most advanced surgical techniques and diagnostic equipment available. The Center offers multi-therapy approaches ranging from medical and surgical management to neurointerventional techniques, reconstructive surgery and advanced forms of radiation therapy including the use of the Gamma Knife.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Prompt, accurate diagnosis of skull base disease is enhanced with the use of advanced diagnostic techniques such as MRI, Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), and high-resolution CT angiography. Diseases of the skull base can cause a variety of symptoms because of the many important structures contained in this area. Diagnostics test can include audiologic and balance testing.

Image Guided Surgery

Surgical intervention outcomes have been significantly improved through the addition of surgical navigation systems. These devices allow the surgeon more accuracy and safety in removing disease. The Center for Skull Base Surgery has become a recognized center for the development of image guided surgery.

Gamma Knife

This technology is a clinically effective and safe treatment for skull base tumors that were once considered inoperable because of their location. Used as an adjunct therapy or by itself, Gamma Knife provides high-precision, high intensity beams to destroy tumors without surgical incision or a long hospital stay. This therapy minimizes the side effects of radiation therapy and is the most precise system available for the delivery of radiotherapy to the brain. Learn more about Gamma Knife.

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